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August 2021

Well, we’re still on a coronavirus hiatus here at the Night Owl. To keep us going we have the Not the Night Owl Quiz Onine Quizzes – now in their second year, sigh.

We have just contacted team captains regarding when to re-start the quiz, which is likely to be somewhat later than the usual October start. Keep checking here for the latest updates.

Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 21 September 2021

Another quizzing Tuesday rolls around again, and after a fairly light week last week, we’re back in top gear with today’s celebrations. So get ready folks, here we go, celebrating Miniature Golf Day, Pecan Cookie Day, World Gratitude Day, Escapology Day, World Alzheimer’s Day and Get Ready Day (staged each year as a way of encouraging individuals, families, and communities to consider what is required in the event of natural disasters, pandemic illnesses, infectious diseases, and other crisis events, so now you know).

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It’s back to 1994 again this week for more vintage Night Owl questions from John, meanwhile Alan is still busy making connections. Real troupers these Usual Suspects.



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 14 September 2021

Hello again quizzers! Happy Tuesday to you all. Slightly fewer things to celebrate this week, but go for them all and you could end up reaching for the Gaviscon. So today we can celebrate Eat a Hoagie Day, Cream Filled Donut Day, and Gobstopper Day. Careful how you go folks!

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This week Alan is travelling again, this time going on a series of pilgrimages and John’s chosen some questions from 1994 – good luck with the topical questions!



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 7 September 2021

Greetings Quizzers and welcome to the first quiz of September. But first let’s see what we’ll be celebrating today, and I have to warn you we’re going to be very busy. So we’ve got Buy a Book Day, Beer Lover’s Day, Salami Day, Acorn Squash Day (heading downhill rapidly here), Another Look Unlimited Day (i.e. identify belongings that can be recycled or donated to charity rather than thrown out), Superhuman Day and World Duchenne Awareness Day. On top of that we’re celebrating Night Owl regular Julie’s birthday – Happy Birthday Jules! Don’t know if you’ll have time to bother with quizzes by the time you’ve sorted all that lot out.

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John’s celebrating Another Look Unlimited Day today by recycling another vintage quiz, this time from 2000 and Alan is asking us to make connections between TV programme and film titles.

As always, enjoy the quizzes and stay well.



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 31 August 2021

And, just like that, that’s August mostly taken care of! So today we will be celebrating We Love Memoirs Day, Trail Mix Day, Overdose Awareness Day and Love Litigating Lawyers Day (anyone else just had a flashback to LA Law and Arnie Becker?)

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Speaking of flashbacks, this week John is again revisiting some old NightOwl quizzes: I’d be interested to know if anyone remembers any of these questions (let alone the answers!). Meanwhile Alan is on a roll with more Epithets and Sport origins. As always enjoy the quizzes and stay safe and healthy.



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 25 August 2021

Happy Quizzing Tuesday and my, we have a busy day on our hands today. In no particular order, today we will mostly be celebrating International Strange Music Day, Knife Day, Pluto Demoted Day, Peach Pie Day and Internaut Day (celebrating the great frontier that is the Internet).

As far as quizzing goes, this week John has delved deep into the past and revisited the last two rounds of the Night Owl Quiz from 2nd November 1994 (good luck remembering the answers anyone who was playing then!) and Alan is off on his travels again, this time by ferry.

A note to all Night Owl Team Captains, please check your email for a message from us about testing the temperature for restarting the quiz.

As always, stay safe and enjoy the quizzes (and be careful if you’re celebrating Knife Day).



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 17 August 2021

Welcome back to Quizzing Tuesday! Today we are celebrating Thrift Shop Day, Vanilla Custard Day and Black Cat Appreciation Day. Hmmm. Not sure where to start with that lot.

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Just two Usual Supects in the lineup today – Alan has gone all etymological on us and John has stuck to home ground with a Leicestershire(ish) quiz. Have fun grappling with them!



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 10 August 2021

Hello to all you quizzlers out there. Busy day for us today as we’ll be celebrating Lazy Day (hurrah), Vlogging Day, World Lion Day, Skyscraper Appreciation Day and S’mores Day. Plenty to keep us occupied there, then.

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Well that’s lions and lazing covered!

Back to a full complement of Suspects this week. Howard is quoting from films, Alan is on a round robin and John has gone all scientific. As usual, enjoy the quizzes and stay safe and well.



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 3 August 2021

And so we bound effortlessly into August. This might possibly turn out to be my favourite day so far as we are celebrating White Wine Day. We are also celebrating Watermelon Day, Clean your Floors Day (bit of a downer that one) and Night Out – which technically I suppose can’t be called a day at all.

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We’re a somewhat depleted band this week, so we have Alan travelling along the old A6 and John L reverting back to childhood with a round on cowboys and Indians. If you fancy setting a quiz just email your 10 questions (and answers!) to nightowlquiz19(@)

As always, enjoy the quizzes and stay safe and healthy.



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 27 July 2021

Well that’s July almost done and dusted. Good job we’ve got lots of things to celebrate today, and if we all go to Norfolk I think, with a little creativity, we should be able to get to all of them. So, in no particular order, here’s what we’re celebrating today – Walk on Stilts Day, Norfolk Day, Chicken Finger Day, Scotch Whisky Day and Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day. Just have to decide whether to have the whisky before or after attempting walking on stilts, and how to carry your houseplant whilst negotiating the stilt walking. Take care folks.

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So let’s see what the Usual Suspects have lined up for us this week (no pun intended). John’s gone back to his roots with 1960s pop questions, Howard (our very own very hungry caterpillar) is pondering food and drink anagrams and Alan has taken the opportunity of an unfortunate dining mishap to create a round where we have to decide what is missing. Enough to keep us occupied for some time.

As always, stay safe and healthy and enjoy the quizzes.



Not the Night Owl Quiz Summer Quiz 20 July 2021

Hello again Quizzlers, another Tuesday has rolled around. So today we shall be celebrating Moon Day, International Chess Day, World Jump Day, Space Exploration Day and Lollipop Day. Busy bees that we are.

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We’re bidding au revoir (but not farewell) to one of the Usual Suspects this week. Having achieved his half century of quizzes John Mack is going to take a break, hopefully he’ll be back later on this year. (He did mention the retire word, but we all know that there’s only one way to leave the Usual Suspects.) Meanwhile he leaves us with a wrong answer quiz. Alan is trying hard to see the wood from the trees, Howard is remembering his overland trip to Katmandu in 1974 and John L is testing your geographical knowledge.

As always, enjoy the quizzes and stay safe and healthy in these ever-changing times.