2018 – 2019

We Were Monty’s Molluscs 53Cold Wind to Valhalla 47
Dangerous Brothers 54 Every Claude Has a Silver Lining 52
Sir Humphrey Orangeby 80 Taking the Manneken Pis 69 Dangerous Brothers 68
Furrowed Brows 47 The Slabheads 46
1st: The Stuart Thorne Trophy Steve Blundell (Oswald Cobblepot)
Joint 2nd: The Etty / The Philby Andrew Jackson (We Were Monty’s Molluscs)
Colin Richards (Cold Wind to Valhalla)

Composite league for the season, excluding KO stages

Average Points Per Match for Individual Questions (max 10 per match)

1Oswald CobblepotSteve Blundell8.40  
2=We were Monty’s MolluscsAndrew Jackson8.20  
2=Cold Wind to ValhallaColin Richards8.20  
4Recycled EmptiesPaul Goodrich8.00  
5Farty Wet OwlsMick Buglass7.40  
6Screwback in AngerPhil Hayman7.33  
7We were Monty’s MolluscsJon Dean7.14  
8The SlabheadsStephen Bunting7.10  
9Every Claude has a Silver LiningDave Richards7.00  
10The Dangerous BrothersPete Kenyon6.88  
11Cold Wind to ValhallaGuy Raynor-Edwards6.80  
12We were Monty’s MolluscsGraham Challinor6.71  
13Recycled EmptiesRob Ferguson6.70  
14=Every Claude has a Silver LiningColin Hall6.63  
14=Every Claude has a Silver LiningGeorge Robinson6.63  
16Oswald CobblepotLiz Hawes6.56  
17Sir Humphrey OrangebyRon Mitchell6.50  
18=Salmon and GarfunkelIan Adams6.30  
18=The Dangerous BrothersAubrey Stephenson6.30  
20We were Monty’s MolluscsRichard Codd6.25  
21Still can’t seem to find the CompassChris Walker6.22  
22The SlabheadsRichard Hilsden6.20  
23The Dangerous BrothersRick Gibbs6.14  
24=Recycled EmptiesPaul Holland6.00  
24=Twilight of the OddsDick Bull6.00  
26Still can’t seem to find the CompassMick Pallant5.89  
27Furrowed BrowsTony Spittle5.86  
28=The SlabheadsPeter Smith5.80  
28=Cressida MingeSteve Gurman5.80  
30Screwback in AngerPaul Rowe5.60  
31=We were Monty’s MolluscsBernadette Challinor5.50  
31=Salmon and GarfunkelRon Stephen5.50  
33Furrowed BrowsJohn Martin5.43  
34Salmon and GarfunkelJohn Bishop5.40  
35Recycled EmptiesPaul Shenton5.38  
36=Sir Humphrey OrangebyMark Russell5.33  
36=Taking the Manneken PisHeather Hollins5.33   
38=Cressida MingePaul Davies5.25  
38=Oswald CobblepotDave Brazier5.25  
40Furrowed BrowsDave Cameron5.20  
41The Dangerous BrothersDave Roberts5.14  
42=Taking the Manneken PisRichard Clark5.00  
42=Recycled EmptiesAndy Bott5.00  
42=Cold Wind to ValhallaSue Salzedo5.00  

Qualification for inclusion in the table: at least 4 matches played, excluding KO stages