21 January 2020

Main Quiz Group APlayedWonDrawnLostPts forPts AgnPts DiffPOINTS 
The Buck Stops Here4301209195146
No Brainers4211168182-145 
Three Sad Gits and a Penguin4202198188104
High Speed Molluscs on Track4103183202-192 
Main Quiz Group B         
The Ackermann 74211190158325 
Recycled Empties4211214198165 
Flight BA127 to Oslo412119919274
Still can’t find the Compass4013149195-461 
Plate Group C         
Back in the Day430120119926 
The Odds and Sods4103182189-72
Screwback in Anger4103192201-92 
Vacant Expressions (again)4103183194-112 
Plate Group D         
Minge Imperials4400223183408 
Sir Humphrey Orangeby430118518236 
A Bruges Too Far4202189202-134 
Yes, I Knoooooooow4103198203-52 


Group APlayedWonDrewLostPts forPts AgnPts DiffPOINTS 
High Speed Molluscs on Track55002692214810 
Still can’t find the Compass5203257247104 
Back in the Day5203230244-144 
Minge Imperials5104233268-352 
Group B         
The Buck Stops Here5401272221518 
Flight BA127 to Oslo5401282243398 
Screwback in Anger5203248261-134 
The Odds and Sods5005195281-860 
Group C         
The Ackermann 7530223322946 
Recycled Empties522125125016 
Yes, I knoooooow5212243229145 
A Bruges Too Far5122224230-64 
Group D         
Three Sad Gits and a Penguin5311267206617 
No Brainers530224724526 
Sir Humphrey Orangeby4202173193-204 
Vacant Expressions (again)5104197247-502 

Top two teams in each group qualify for the Main Quiz. All other teams qualify for the Plate.